Werner Raditschnig – Komponist und Klangkünstler

Welcome to my s(a)ite – Werner Raditschnig ist Komponist und Klangkünstler aus Salzburg. Er lebt und arbeitet in Salzburg.

„Beauty O’versnow’d, And Bareness Everywhere“ – William Shakespeare

A Choreographed Concert with Sonnets of William Shakespeare
and Music by Werner Raditschnig /
From English into Austrian Sign Language translated
by Horst Dittrich

Directed and produced by Herbert Gantschacher /
Musical Director: Werner Raditschnig /
Costume and stage design: Sanzaba Dimna /
Light design: Bidpai /
Sign Master: Horst Dittrich /
Musicians: Fritz Kronthaler, Luka Kemperle, Theodor Burkali /
Cast: Werner Mössler (deaf), Julia von Juni and Christine Scherzer

In 1609 „The Sonnets“ of William Shakespeare (1564 – 1616) were printed for the first time. They were written before 1598, maybe in from 1592 to 1596. The style how Shakespeare wrote his sonnets are unique and revolutionary in his time. They are totally different to the stereotypes often used (obsequious admiration of a platonic-idealistic beauty by a poet). The sonnets written by Shakespeare are presenting the whole spectrum of the human existence. They are singing from love and friendship, from living and dying, from sexual dependence to philosophical abstraction, from poetic description of nature to the human existence in the world, from peace to war and back to peace or they are telling us stories about the life-threatening reality. That spectrum makes the poetry of Shakespeare to a mirror of the reality also of the 21st century. In the artistic expression done by ARBOS in connection with contemporary music by the Austrian composer Werner Raditschnig the sonnets will be a current event. The elements of artistic expression as signs, language, dancing and singing bring the sonnets to a modern interpretation.

ARBOS-Company for Music and Theatre
Director & Producer: Herbert Gantschacher
Camera & Editing: Olgierd Koczorowski
Video Producer: Jerzy Kaluzny